Saturday, February 26, 2011

up, up and away...

if i haven't already mentioned to you, i have seven friends getting hitched this year. it's intense planning i tells yah, and i'm not even the bride. designing an invitation for a bridal shower at the moment, as well as making our bridesmaid dresses. stressful - yes, but it's quite inspiring. i'm not big on weddings but the element of design involved is mind blowing. i can't wait to plan my own (when the time comes). it's gonna be a fcukin' runway show! =)

sadism vs suicide.

 how much do i admire these strait jackets?... quite a bit.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

finding Cinderella.

looking for the talented face painter who did this to my face yesterday. i would love to hook you
up with some fashion photographers. i know you're not a make-up artist, but this is ART!
kudos to RnR for this awesome snap.

Friday, February 4, 2011

open your eyes...

 ...this world is amazing.

publish. print. Pocketto.

remember the Melbourne girls that brought you this beautiful photoshoot? well they're finally getting their creativity published! Pocketto Magazine is the love child of Art Director Emma Do, and Photographer Aimee Cavaan Han. now i don't put shit up on my blog unless i'm 110% behind it, but i think these two young talents are absolutely amazing! so if you're big on that artsy-fartsy indie stuff, you won't mind getting your plastics out and donating to help fund a dream.