Saturday, November 29, 2008

back to black.

i love ruffles. i love pockets. and i absolutely love a black dress with both ruffles and pockets!
this is a dress i made for one of my high school friend's maiden of honor a.k.a her little sister. not a traditional choice of colour for a bridal party dress, but i love it!

if the shoe fits.

i'm already quite excited about Autumn & Winter coming up, although we have been getting cold stormy days this Summer. i'm at home bored on a Saturday night with nothing to do, so i decided to go blog hopping - i've been really inspired by some girls from abroad, both such great styles. i'm in search of these Dr. Marten's that were on sale at Dangerfield in Melbourne when i went down there last October, i knew i should have bought them! but i went on the website and saw other potential buys. and guess what i came across... Aaliyah docs! i just might have to get them! i originally was looking at the pair of Chloe shoes, then i found them in high boots. neither of these are the ones i saw in Melbourne, but i like them all! can i have them all please Santa?...

my black Docs i bought about five years ago are still in pretty good condition, they are quite heavy for my little ankles but i love them so much. i wish i could wear them out to clubs without getting looked at weird by underdressed hoochies :s

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

journey to the past.

a collation of fallen hip hoppers and others who left a big impact on the world.
medium: acrylics

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i was crawling before i could walk...

...and i was drawing before i could sew.
i have been looking thru alot of illustrations lately, i'm in awe of the talent out there! feeling abit nostalgic last night, i decided to looks thru my old art books and portfolios from six years ago. and then i started to reminisce about how much i loved sitting down spending hours sketching and painting. looking back at my work from Senior High now i wonder - "how the hell did i do that?" . i remember i hated drawing hair and hands, but i didn't do a bad job of it. 
my year 12 major art project was called Death Tells the Truth, a celebration of the life of my most favourite music artist Aaliyah, who died at the age of 22 in a plane crash in 2001. She was my inspiration since my early years of primary school thru till now. 

until the end of the week i will be posting up any artworks of mine that i can find. i really want to get back into visual arts, it was such a big part of my life. is it possible to forget how to draw?...
medium: lead and coloured pencils.

lights off.

i'm so eager to start on my Autumn/Winter 09 collection but i have some other things to get out of the way first ugh. but i did make a couple of harem pant/leggings. i'm sending one over to Texas to fashionista Michelle who i met thru Chictopia. the light in my sewing machine is out, so i had to finish the second pair in the dark. i hope dad can fix it for me or else i'm screwed, i have one more formal dress due on the 11th. i'm having trouble finding nice fabric, i've been so uninspired...

p.s that's my new mirror, i had to buy a new one after i accidentally pushed my mannequin against it causing it to break. with my dad being over superstitious, he threw my 'shattered effect' mirror in the bin without letting me know.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

all hail Elbaz.

most of you wouldn't know it, but i'm not really one of those fashionistas who follow trends and talk designer wear every twenty seconds. i probably can't even name ten if i had to, okay maybe i'm exaggerating, but what i'm trying to say is i really don't follow the catwalk much. but i've been so inspired by the Lanvin fashion house since I was introduced to the purple faille ruffle dress earlier this year. like my love for the art noveau era, i love the use of sinuous lines and the fluidity of the fabric. only recently did i find out who was behind these beautiful clothing. Alber Elbaz... you're my hero! he's a cute little dumpling isn't he?

Monday, November 17, 2008

proven guilty.

getting stock ready to ship off to NZ. i hope they love it. i put so much love into packaging these things, it takes me hours. i need to get proper neck tags made, anyone have contacts?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"why do you build me up, build me up buttercup...

...just to let me down, let me down. and mess me around
and then worst of all, worst of all. you never call baby when you say you will..."

i love this song. and aren't the words just spot on! i've experienced this feeling over and over again throughout my years of trying to get a foot into the design world. minor setbacks like not getting the job because you don't look cool enough, or the lack of documentation to your name. a blow to your self confidence because you're having to work the crumby jobs to fund your studies. the disappointments of people showing interest, waving opportunity right in your face putting you on such a high and then bringing you right back down... ahh yes i know the feeling!

but as the song goes on.
"...but i love you still. i need you, i need you more than anyone darlin'. you know that i have from the start. 
so build me up, build me up buttercup. don't break my heart."

design is all i've ever known and all i'll ever want to do. the fashion world is probably too bitchy for me - but i still love you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

guilty as sin...

... is the store name of the boutique in NZ you can get your figgity little hands on for some Maiden Threads. It should get there in a week's time, so right now jot down this address:

46a George Street
Palmerston North
4410, New Zealand

p.s say HI to Hannah for me! x

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

flying Maiden.

i need more models around who i can just call into the studio, but for now this will have to do.

ship to shore.

we've just had our first stock order come in from New Zealand! our new found friend Hannah who found us on FB via Frankie, owns a boutique in Palmerston North, NZ and asked if i would be interested in stocking Maiden Threads over there! *excitement all around* well of course i said yes! and now we're making final arrangements for shipping and transfer. i'm making swing tags at the moment, so the kiwis have an idea of what we're about!

Monday, November 10, 2008

sexy black.

it's the end of year formal season, and i have two orders due quite soon. this is the design my little 18y.o friend wants for her year 12 formal. a little more sexy than what i'm used to, but this is going to be a fun project. we bought all the good shit from Spotlight, so now it's all on me...

please don't stop the music...

aahh so glad we went to this. but my goodness that was the worst crowd i've ever been in. teenage girls with attitude problems and lack of clothing, tsk tsk. can't say i'm a die hard fan of either of the two, but i've got a great deal of respect for them as young artists! sexiest teenagers out!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

who loves short shorts.

...i don't love too short shorts, but i do like these culottes i made!

floral collots w/ pockets & bows.
size s/m. $55

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

signed, sealed, delivered. she's yours.

our first international order is making it's way to New Zealand!! inside this parcel are my first pair of harem pants, i hope she has alot of fun over there! i will miss her dearly...

sorry did i introduce myself?

i don't think many people realize that here at Maiden Threads we specialise in creating strictly one-off pieces. so here's a little, what do they call it... blurb?

Monday, November 3, 2008

it's a dress.

this was a hard dress to sell, it didn't look like much on a hanger. but i swear it looks hott on!! i don't exactly know what colour it is, but i'd describe it as purpley - brownish?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

love, Frankie.

maiden threads
written by beth wilkinson   
Friday, 31 October 2008 08:09

Think Art Nouveau girl-next-door, with a tad of the feminine touch: 23-year-old budding designer Maie Dionisio is eager and ready to launch her label, Maiden Threads. Maie and Ren (a budding artist) have joined forces to create Lucy & Raul and their stall will be debuting at the much-loved Glebe Markets on November 1st (corner of Derby Place and Glebe Point Road, in the grounds of Glebe Public School). Fashions float between $35 and $150, while accessories are happily sitting between $8 and $20. At this moment in time it’s looking like a one-off, but who knows? If you like what you see, Lucy and Raul might become Glebe regulars. Can’t hold out till November? There’s always blog-spotting. 

maiden threads made it on Frankie.
check, check, check it out...

pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

we had a great first day at Glebe Markets yesterday! thank you to all my friends who came by for support and buying my stuff! big thanks to Annk for setting up our wind proof stall!! 'Lucy & Raul' got big props for our stall set up and products by David the market organizer, our biggest compliment of the day! for those who missed out, come by my studio to shop =)