Sunday, August 31, 2008

my friend, the artist.

i've had a long and busy weekend. Saturday night we went to the city for my cousin's 24th, neither of us had gone clubbing for sooo long, and here's why.. we got to the place (not mentioning any names) at 10:30 on the dot, waited in the non-existent 'guest' line for 1 and a half hours in the sprinkling rain. we had never felt so unsafe waiting in line for a club like we did that night... a guy fell from the balcony just a couple of metres away from where we were standing, he did not move at all and there was a heap of blood trailing from his head. then not long after a bottle was thrown from the bridge above us, luckily missing the crowd. and to top the night off, the club was way too packed that the only moves you were making was each time you would get pushed by idiots trying to get through left, right and centre. possibly the worst night ever!

thank God for Sunday. woke up early the next morning to meet up with my lovely friend, Lexy. i became her first client by buying one of her beautiful artworks, she even gave me a small one for free =) i am in love with her work! did a little bargain shopping and then off to my bf's...
he loved walking around fabric shopping with his girlfriend, sister and mother, not. but it was fun for us!

on the last note, goodbye winter, hello spring...

Monday, August 25, 2008

some Maiden please...

i've been a little naughty. i'm meant to be saving these pieces to sell for the November markets, but i let one slip away. i sold this cute bow top to one of my friends to wear for her family lunch back home at Albury. it got big props from her sister, now wanting me to create her a dress.
and just yesterday i got a text message from her saying the top was a 'walking advertisement', she said several shop assistants asked her where she got her top from =) which made me sooo happy!

so all in all, it was a good thing i sold her that top, but not to worry - the same style but in different fabric might still make its way to Glebe.

how i love thee.

me and my other half just celebrated our 3 years together. last Sunday i was eagerly wanting to find me warrior shoes - i have been searching for quite sometime now. they made their way into fashion last year, but now they're everywhere! 
this was the first shopping trip my turdle companion didn't complain, all because he found the perfect pair of Nike kicks for himself. so we both went home happy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

crash and burn.

i took a photo of my Jodeci tickets before refunding them because i knew i'll never see the likes of them again.
after Saturdays upset of half the group not showing i don't know how this group will ever recover. the Jodeci reputation has been tarnished, mainly due to their lack of commitment to the group and their fans, and also the organizational skills of the promoters. 

i don't even want to post up the link of Jojo collapsing and ending the show short. i'm just lucky i wasn't there to watch it all and be even more disappointed.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

switch prediction.

had another shoot with my cousin this morning with some newer stuff from the range. this plum dress looks awesome on her! i also made her wear a belt around her neck, an idea i got when i wrapped it around my mannequin's neck. it feels a little uncomfortable, but it think it could be the next 'in' thing!     

Sunday, August 17, 2008

an eye for photography.

my little sister Myah and i spent alot of time in the studio this weekend - cutting, sewing, drawing and making a mess. i decided to let her play with the camera and this is what she came up with...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Maiden 4 Lanvin.

ever since i was introduced to the world of high end fashion magazines (props to Camz), my love for the Lanvin style has blossomed! inspired by the violet washed silk faille dress, i could not get the design out of my head so it ended up looking alot like the orginal. coincidentally, the type of fabric that i picked out on Saturday was the same. i love working with faille, it drops so nicely and is easy to sew thru my little Janome. i spent many, many hours on this in my very cold studio, but it was all worth it... I LOVE IT! you'll be seeing this little beauty at the markets!     

Thursday, August 7, 2008

maidens next top models...

so i tried doing some more sketches to get my unused drawing hands working again, and i think my fashion models are getting prettier! i've redone my first sketch, so now it looks more proportional. and i guess having the flu gets my creative juices flowing...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

studio on eight.

the Maiden studio/workshop is now open and ready to be used!
still a little messy, but furnishings are almost done! just need the perfect bookshelf and clothes rack. i spent all day making and putting up curtains yesterday, hopefully they're still up today!

come visit me sometime, you know where i live!        

Friday, August 1, 2008

fit for the races?

sketching away on a cold Friday night, trying a more abstract approach to my fashion figures - not really working. the question is, "how do i make these figures less structured and more sketchy?... 
note to self: need to work on technique and get bigger paper so i can extend their legs!
but other than that, what do you think about the design of the dress?