Friday, January 9, 2015

i'm little but i'm coming for the title.

2014 to me was like a never ending streak of flashing light - the months got lost so quick yet felt like an eternity ago since the last countdown. it's been awhile since my last post, and a few little things have changed since then. i said goodbye to DJ's and made the decision to get back into the classroom. i immersed myself in design and surrounded myself with positive people again. it was the best decision i'd made in a long time. i feel like i rediscovered an entire world outside of retail's four walls. it was refreshing. it enlightened me again. and now it's time to throw myself back into the rat race, only this time i'm aiming high. this will be the year i land my dream job. hopeful that 2015 will be the year i peak, career-wise. watch me :)

we're live.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

love supply.

Rachel Gilbert 

 i find it fitting to end the wedding season with the opening of our new bridal window run. since my early twenties i have been invited to attend over twenty weddings, been asked to be bridesmaid for seven of them, and created more than thirty odd dresses for these special occasions. the stress and high demand of the wedding industry in my early years repelled me, but now with all this experience under my belt i can now claim the rights to be judgemental towards bridezillas! just joking. but seriously, only now in the final year of my twenties i've only realised how experienced i am at this and that i should probably hone in on this trade. i already have two styling gigs lined up for 2015 which i'm really excited about. now all i have to perfect is my floristry! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the block party.

 everyone always warns you about the woes of living with a partner for the first time. let me speak about it under a different light...

Anthony crazily suggested we move in together very early into the relationship, and as excited as i was to say yes to the idea i was shitting myself. everything so far has come together fittingly due to perfect timing. as stressful as the process of house hunting and organising the end of lease at our previous residence was, we were offered two beautiful apartments which we both would've happily taken. but here we are nearly a month in at our new cosy one bedder. just like our amazing taste in junk food, our eye for interior decorating is complimenting. lucky, because playing house wouldn't have been much fun for neither of us.
more than anything in the world, this is the one thing i really wanted. him. he never disregards my crazy ideas, he runs with it. perhaps we'll have you over at Anthony and Maie's Pizza Parlour sometime, along with the company of our hyper-active cat (who you can take home with you if you like).

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and that was that.

so before anyone else asks me how amazing Vietnam was, here's the run down. i've never really had an interest in exploring South East Asia, with the exception of Tokyo which is probably my most favourite place in the world. i did not want to be a tourist on this trip, i purely wanted to find a tailor and relax in my fancy hotel rooms. i found that the Vietnamese people were very friendly and helpful during most of my stay, even though their voices sound aggressive in nature. there were times i thought i was going to die crossing the streets and riding bikes. but it almost became a comical game of survival as i screamed with fear across the streets of Saigon. but i didn't come away with nothing, my experience at the Vietnam War Remnants Museum had me teary and feeling sick at the images of what was this country's history.

i leave this city partially disappointed that the artistry of tailoring and creating things isn't held more with pride as it is to make as much money from tourists. in fairness, i don't like to haggle prices because i know how much time is worth. and in return expected abit more attention to detail. in saying that, i can't wait to get home and set up studio in our new home (wherever that might be) so that i can perfect my own art and present you all with another great show!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Vietnam bound.

so i'm here at the airport again, this time heading to the land of Pho. a bit lonely not having a travel buddy this time round but this will test my non existent navigation skills. i've done the 'self discovery' trip, this year it's strictly business. i've resorted to two backpacks with just essential clothing, my lap top, sketchbook and camera. i don't plan on buying anything but will hopefully bring home pieces of a new collection planned for a September launch. yup, another exhibition in the mix for 2014...
on another note, i've had a few friends texting me the day before my departure randomly checking in and i always feel like i don't manage my time well enough. it's just going to get busier on my return but i promise to try my best to catch you all! 

almost boarding, will check in soon. good times ahead!!! 

maie xxx

Saturday, December 7, 2013

life with Lei.

forgive me for not making it back home to have one last drink with you. please know that you alone made a difference in this lifetime. a positive energy that will never be forgotten. you resonate the same bright light as the colour you love so much. and i thank you for your presence in my life. i miss you so much. my heart is broken. 

rest in peace my crazy-Lou...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

head over feet.

"…you treat me like i’m a princess, i’m not used to liking that

you are the bearer of unconditional things
you held your breath and the door for me, thanks for your patience
you’re the best listener that i’ve ever met
you’re my best friend, best friend with benefits…

- A. Morissette

Saturday, September 28, 2013

my art is the love of my life.

i don’t even know how to start this post. i drew out a reasonable list of things i wanted to achieve in the next year and in just the past couple of weeks the universe has decided to throw a bunch of goodies my way. overwhelming to say the least. it makes all the down falls worth riding.

it started with back to back fashion shoots with my favourite photographer friend, Rhys Votano and an overdue collaboration with my mentor Ethan Mann.  come Thursday i booked my trip to Vietnam for February to get our next exhibition preparations rolling. and then on the same night got offered an amazing styling gig by a man whom i’ve looked up to since working for DJ’s, Dale McKie.

rewind back to Thursday day… he comes into my life. it’s been just over a week and i still can’t get my head around it. he’s not perfect, but he’s pretty much what i asked for in a man. the thing is, life is crazy busy to have a partner right now, but having him around feels right. i would half jokingly say that i couldn’t wait to hold hands with him, and now here we are doing just that. 

i love that you love pizza. it makes my world that much better. you make me extremely happy. welcome to the crazy world of Maie xxx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

there's a secret i've been perfecting.

all photographs and edits by Tamara Lawniczak, 2013.

one can argue that the art of photography is being able to capture a candid moment in time. this is true. but to me to perfect this art is more than just having the technical skills to work a camera. anyone can learn that, but not everyone has the eye for composition or the imagination for concepts. which leads me to my official introduction to this creative i’ve had the pleasure of getting to know really well and finally collaborating with. my friend, Tamara Lawniczak. small in stature, but large in talent and creativity. i loved every minute of working with this girl, and i think it’s because she shares the same obsessive compulsive-disorder as me. she is an absolute perfectionist with her work and so i know i can trust her with the smallest detail. but besides her artistry i am honoured to have her be part of my network and social circle.
special thanks to the following people who made our visions come to life. such a great job all round. please take the time to click on their respected sites and ‘like’ them on FB.
photographer | TAMARA LAWNICZAK
hair and make up | RENNAN DIZON
an amazing artist and close friend of mine who i've been collaborating with for years.
model |
a beauty that i have admired and had been wanting to shoot since last year. 
work experience assistant | BRANDY POSE
a beautiful young lady whom i've had the opportunity to watch grow. my first willing work experience girl.

view the rest of album HERE.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

the epitome of our being.

i have this thing with collecting garment pieces i knowingly well won’t have anywhere to wear it to, but i purchase them because i know it will sit perfectly in my room amongst the other gems i’ve accumulated over the years. or alternatively, use them in a fashion shoot. this addiction goes hand in hand with what i like to do in my spare time collaborating with photographers and models.
earlier in the week i had been disheartened by the lack of appreciation and acknowledgement i receive from the hierarchy at work. the only cure was to surround myself with free spirits who want something so much more than what society measures success to be. so we sat down over coffee and planned a life in a studio in Brooklyn, a job that would allow me to travel, and pencilling in a forthcoming exhibition i will hold in the new year. after the crazy fulfilments of 2012, nothing is impossible anymore. i’ve also gone back to basics and started sketching again. my friend and i are making the commitment to go to life drawing every week to keep sane and motivated. already, by changing what would’ve been a draining week ahead and envisioning life after the rat race, i turned that silly frown upside down! come Friday i get a call from my photography teacher asking me to do some work for him. one could only dream of working alongside a mentor who inspired, supported and challenged me. and one that’s work i respect highly. 
i’ve often been very picky with the projects i’ve been involved with in the past, and now i know those decisions were the right ones. it’s reflected in the circle of creative’s i associate myself with now. my presence in the industry is minute, but i'm there. somewhere among the crazy artists i call my friends :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

just enough to fill the void.

love. i was afraid my perception of the noun had been tainted from the past, but in reality i’m surrounded by it. therefore how could one not be a believer or a witness to it, right?

submission and possession, i confuse the two for love. but this is how i see it. there’s this boy i know, and it wasn’t until i found out that he had found ‘the one’ that i realised our relationship was in every way an exemplification of the word. after all, this world only reflects what you see and believe in your own mind. i captured these images from the past couple of years knowing it would illustrate a story somewhere down the track. and here it is, the things i want in life. 
i know you randomly read these threads when you’re curious of what i’ve been up to. this post is for you. as pessimistic and closed off as you were about love when we first started to get to know each other, i am at peace with where you are in your life. words can’t explain how proud i am of you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

you are here.

sadly this trip didn’t bring me much inspiration artistically the way last year’s trip did. but that soul searching bullshit everyone is on about, i guess this was that…

i didn’t take as many photographs as i anticipated, seeing that i bought a new toy camera specifically for this reason. but the experiences i had on this holiday are archived for life. a quick rundown of the happenings from the past three weeks, in no particular order.
revisited my favourite shopping spots in Tokyo. dyed my hair three times in a span of a week. got told that i 'had game' by a Harvard law student. i don't know what that means but... thank you? classily knocked over a glass of wine at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. got my tourist picture taken by some randoms, sitting next to a dude passed out on the bench, who had way too many hand grenades (i wish i had this photo). got a homeboy's name tattooed on my arm. i didn't really, but we're sticking with that story. podium danced to One Direction in Shibuya. left my friend at a club on Bourbon St with random guys, sooked about it for a day and then somehow became even closer. and whatever happened in Amsterdam, was inevitable. but the highlight of this trip would probably be celebrating what would have been my friends 29th birthday, with an awesome circle of people he left behind. Andrew, this trip was solely for you. your girl doesn’t realise it yet, but she is one strong woman.

we're on the home stretch now. coming back to freezing Sydney. i can't wait...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

the land of trouble: New York.

 day one// sweating through 5th Ave: Ksubi tank dress, Comme Des Garcons shirt, Timbaland boots.
 day two// strolling through Bedford Ave, Brooklyn: Nathan Smith dress, Apolis Global Citizen tote bag.

it was far too hot to be remotely fashionable in New York at this time of year. getting a photo taken and taking the actual photo was too much to ask for this leg of the trip. hence the lack of enthusiasm in these snaps. soz about it.

photo credit: Raelene Baget of RnR productions.